ISV Case Study: Notate Using Appdome to Simplify Mobile App Integration

Customers are always on the go. They are mobile. They want to work with Exchange Tasks and Notes, but their company requires full security. What to do? Here comes SUPER NOTATE … well, no. But it might as well feel that way when using Notate for the Enterprise.

Appdome-Helps-Mobile-App-Publishers-Add-Services-to-Apps.pngSome unique features of Notate for Enterprise provides for users on the go are:

  • Secure VPN-less connectivity to Exchange on-prem or Office 365
  • Data leakage policies enforced
  • Information remains secure on-premise and never in the cloud
  • No new servers to maintain or configure

Joining the Appdome App Publishers Service  allows Shafer Systems to dramatically improve its usefulness to customers by making its app developers spend less time integrating third party SDKs, and more time building better and richer versions of their apps. It’s mobile development at its best!

The new App Publishers Service allows Shafer Systems to make its Notate for Enterprise app “available for integration” to its enterprise customers using AppFusion – Appdome’s proprietary mobile integration technology.  Customers are now able to “fuse” Notate for Enterprise with a mobile SDK of their choice with four simple clicks and a few minutes.

Yes, with four clicks and a few minutes, customers can easily integrate SDKs into mobile applications and satisfy their environment requirements. Customer’s ease of use is only one of the many advantages  of the Appdome for App Publishers. Others are:

  • FREE membership for app developers. With the Extend membership, app developers pay nothing, nada, zero…
  • No dedicated resources for integration or testing. Also, no need to secure, stand up and maintain the necessary servers to support the SDK.
  • No SDK integration work. Customers do the work so you don’t have to.
  • Better customer experience. Customers select the app, select the SDK to integrate (e.g. BlackBerry Dynamics, AirWatch, etc.),  and integrate the SDK with the app on their own. That’s all folks!
  • Promotion via our App Catalog. Exposed to Appdome’s growing list of users and customers, many who are in the Fortune 500.

If you are an app publisher, commercial app maker or just like talking shop about mobile app integration, drop me a line at  Until then, you can learn more about the Appdome for App Publishers Service by reading the data sheet or FAQ.  Or, better yet, join the fusion revolution and let your customers integrate SDKs to your apps too!


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