ISV Case Study: Thycotic Using Appdome to Simplify Mobile App Integration

Happy developers make happy code. And the Thycotic app developers sure are happy to use Appdome.


But customers are the happiest because Thycotic can now focus on developing great features and functionality for their mobile application, instead of spending time and effort integrating mobile SDKs. Great features like:

  • Get full access to their Thycotic Secret Server account from mobile devices, while keeping Secrets well-organized and secure.
  • Search, view, edit, and create Secrets and folders.
  • Create ‘favorites’.
  • Request access to Secrets.
  • Cache Secrets or folders for offline use.

By publishing their PAM app with the App Publishers Service, Thycotic is empowering its enterprise customers to integrate with their SDK of choice.  The service allows developers to make their apps easily available for integration (fusion) by customers using AppFusion – Appdome’s proprietary mobile integration technology.  Customers can now literally watch in real-time, apps being “fused” with an SDK in order to satisfy whatever their mobile requirements are.

Thycotic clearly understands the vision and advantages of Appdome’s App Publishers Service:

  • It’s FREE. The basic membership (Extend) for app developers is completely free and perfect for developers who only have one app on each platform (iOS and Android)
  • Empowering the customer. By allowing customers to own the integration (i.e. App selection, SDK integration and POC management), projects are greatly accelerated and streamlined.
  • No work to publish the app. Gone are the days of implementing mobile SDKs for customers.
  • Stop wasting resources on integration work. No need for dedicated engineering/QA/IT resources to support the integration of 3rd party SDKs.
  • Meet more customers.  Expose your app to hundreds of Appdome customers.

Learn more about the Appdome for App Publishers Services by reading the data sheet or FAQ.  Or, better yet, join the fusion revolution and let your customers integrate SDKs to your apps too!


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