Simplifying AppConfig for App Developers and ISVs

Everyone is excited that are simplifying AppConfig by joining the AppConfig Community! With good reason, too.

Appdome can accelerate and broaden the adoption of AppConfig, and encourage the standard to evolve. For starters, Appdome is eliminates the manual development work required to implement AppConfig. Any app maker, including ISVs, can now add AppConfig to an app in minutes, without developers writing a single line of code. Because of this, and with Appdome for AppConfig, the standard can evolve to include new features, all without placing any additional burden on app publishers.

Can adding AppConfig on Appdome really be this simple? Yes! On Appdome, the entire process works in just a few clicks and in a few minutes. Publishers simply upload a final app package (.ipa or .apk) to Appdome, select the desired Appdome for AppConfig services and click “Fuse my App.” Appdome’s automatic integration process completes the integration dynamically, adding the full AppConfig standard to any app right in front of the user’s eyes.

App publishers and ISVs can find Appdome for AppConfig under the “Management” tab in the Appdome integration workflow (shown below).

Appdome-for-Appconfig-App-Makers-Developers-Publishers-1.pngFigure 1: AppConfig standard on the Appdome platform

Here too is a rundown on how Appdome for AppConfig will benefit ISVs and the mobile industry.

  • Accelerate the adoption of AppConfig among ISVs
    By automating the implementation of AppConfig, Appdome helps fill the gaps for ISVs that lack the resources to implement the standard manually. After Appconfig is added to an app on Appdome, ISVs can publish the AppConfig-enabled app via their app store of choice.
  • Eliminate manual development needed to add AppConfig
    Appdome allows ISVs to click to integrate AppConfig to their apps. That means, Appdome eliminates the software development and maintenance burden that slows the adoption of the standard. In the past, developers would need to manually code and validate AppConfig to each build of each app. Appdome’s codeless mobile service integration eliminates this work and makes adding Appconfig to apps easy and fast.
  • Promote better Appconfig-enabled apps
    App-makers typically have to face trade-offs between developing great features that customers want and implementing Appconfig. Reclaiming precious engineering time that might otherwise go to manually implementing AppConfig in every single release of the app, and OS allows feature development effort to proceed on pace and without delay. Enterprise customers get better apps enabled by AppConfig.
  • Facilitate the evolution of AppConfig as an important industry standard
    By enabling all ISVs to easily and quickly implement AppConfig to their apps without code or coding, Appdome allows the AppConfig standard to evolve rapidly. Freed from the burden of manual implementation, Appdome for Appconfig promises a greater range of features developers can “AppConfig-in”.

In addition, Appdome for AppConfig works across OS platforms and is framework independent. That means ISVs get cross-platform support (Android and iOS) without any additional effort, along with a consistent implementation with every click of “Fuse my App.”

We hope you will enjoy all the benefits that Appdome for AppConfig brings. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear them.  If not, we hope you will jump on the Appdome for AppConfig rocket ship and join the AppConfig revolution!

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