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Instantly Add Any EMM SDK Plus Secure Browser, Secure Mail to Mobile Apps

Hello everyone and welcome to Spring. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and promise fills the air. To mark the new season, I am proud to report that Appdome has released some of our biggest features (include adding any EMM SDK, secure browser and secure mail to apps) since our launch 1 year ago. Now, the possibilities are endless.

Our new website provides an incredible new entry point into the emerging range of Appdome use cases and industries. On top of an amazing new design, we now feature many of our core mobile integration use cases and resources for organizations in regulated industries like Financial Services, Healthcare, Government and Legal. We’re proud to support customer-organizations in these industries, all of whom use Appdome to tackle serious mobile and mobility challenges including enterprise BYOD, ensuring regulatory compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and FINRA, rapid delivery of consumer-facing (B2C) mobile applications, and securing workplace applications. On this new page, you’ll see a critical focal point of 2018 for Appdome – ensuring GDPR compliance for all mobile apps. We’re also doing a much better job giving our visitors a sense of what’s around the corner from Appdome.

When you read our most recent announcement, you can literally see Appdome blossoming into a full-fledged, multi-service, multi-vendor mobile integration platform. Last week, we announced our GA-complete instant-integration support of all leading EMM and MDM vendors, including BlackBerry, AirWatch, IBM MaaS360, Microsoft Intune and MobileIron. Now, anyone can add any EMM SDK to Android and iOS apps, in seconds – no code or coding required.

Just as important, our new BoostEMM™ offering allows the direct integration of EMM vendor ecosystem services to apps. Now Appdome users can connect the EMM vendor’s secure browser, secure email system, and other supported services to mobile apps. Doing so allows the apps to function as if the secure browser, secure mail, and other systems were directly coded to the app. This is perfect for EMM vendors who also support Kerberos, KCD, modern authentication schemes for SSO, analytics, IDaaS and other services in their EMM SDKs. By the way, we did the math. Today, we support over 30,000 possible mobile service implementations on Appdome! More on this in a future blog.

When you visit the platform, you’re also going to see some amazing changes. In addition to a new, fresh, and more modern UI, there are a ton of new features on Appdome, all designed to make mobile integration that much easier. Today, we support Build-to-Appdome APIs so developers can connect build systems such as Jenkins (and other platforms) to Appdome and push apps as released automatically to an Appdome account or the Appdome Library. We also did a major update to our Team-Entitlement model which allows users to claim and assign any step in the Appdome workflow. It provides mobile’s 1st open delegation model for mobile integration collaboration. Teams are big on Appdome. Thanks to everyone in our community using Teams. We really appreciate the positive feedback we’re receiving.

On the platform today, you’ll see a newly elevated workflow step we call Context™. Setting a mobile app’s Context is already big on Appdome. Today, this step includes branding the app, as well as adding custom configuration files, private service URLs, private certificates, Proxy-based routing support using PAC. Expect Context™ to evolve dramatically as more of our users deploy an increasing array of mobile apps in complex environments.

New signing options round out this latest release including private signing and iOS App Store Credential signing options for iOS. These are important for consumer facing applications fused on Appdome and where EMM SDKs require specific entitlements in provisioning profiles. For Android, we now support Google Play App Signing too! This allows a user to sign the .apk with one set of credentials, and Google will later resign the .apk before distribution.

With all of the new features we’re adding, some might wonder “what’s next?” We expect mobile identity to be huge. Stay tuned for more on this in a later blog.

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