Appdome @ BlackBerry User Conference in Paris


We spent an amazing day in Paris with our friends at the BlackBerry User Conference. Even more amazing, was the time listening to the incredible speakers and customer panels.  The journey of enterprise mobility is just beginning and the future looks bright.

Laurent Donnay, Managing Director of Accenture Digital spoke about enterprise mobility as a people initiative. He pointed out that achieving a “mobile first” workplace is really the only way to meet the growing expectation of the millennial workforce.  Millennials, he pointed out, are mobile first long before they enter the workplace. And, so it should be no surprise that this workforce is demand more and more mobile solutions to perform their daily work, be productive and efficient at work.

For our part, we too stressed a people angle. We spoke about mobility as being primarily about productivity and efficiency of work.  Seeking productivity and efficiency gains from apps, we said, was as important as seeking productivity gains in the delivery of apps.  Speed was key and leveraging tools that accelerate the delivery of apps to the workplace was critical.


We met a lot of great customers and everyone that saw the new platform was wowed and excited about

our story.  All in all, a great day.

Thanks to the BlackBerry User Conference team for hosting us, honoring us with a spot at the table and introducing us to amazing customers!

Fuse on!

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