Fusion Implements Mobile Services to Apps


Fusion implements mobile services to apps and therefore “Fusion is the Way” quickly became the unofficial and unequivocal tagline for our first ever Sales Kick Off (SKO).


Last week, Appdome’s SKO went on without a hitch. We had team members fly in from Israel, Europe, and the east coast to join the Silicon Valley team. It was productive, enjoyable and very upbeat. As we discussed the opportunities in front of us, one thing became clear:  Fusion implements mobile services to apps. It’s exciting (and terrifying) to think that we actually have a hand in improving the way mobile apps get deployed (with Fusion) throughout the enterprise – change and improve, for the better – forever.

Thanks to everyone that made the event memorable. What struck me most is the amount of laughter and good vibes that everyone felt at SKO.  Even during our product training, just watching everyone complete the upload, fuse, and signing process of an app was wonderful. With each story told of a customer or partner engagement, we discovered a new value proposition that our platform solved.

2017 is a going to be a pivotal year for Appdome. Together, we’re excited and ready!

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