Appdome enables SDK Integration in Lightning Speed

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Appdome makes SDK integration easy and painless. Customers can add 3rd party SDKs to any iOS/Android app in minutes without coding.

One of Appdome’s missions for customers is that we will strive to eliminate any pains when it comes to integrating mobile apps with 3rd party services such as SDKs.  One way that we do this is by bringing the latest SDKs of our partners to the Appdome platform at mobile speed.

Our Fusion technology rocks! No doubt about it. Here’s a testament to Appdome’s commitment… Barely a month ago, Appdome announced Appaloosa as the first mobile application management (MAM) platform working with Appdome. Appaloosa’s MAM SDK and Enterprise App Store can now be codelessly implemented using Fusion. The Appaloosa SDK is available as an expansion to the existing mobility “Management” service category, under a subcategory called “Mobile Application Management.”

Then, Appaloosa released its first-ever SDK for iOS. Guess what? It is now available on the Appdome platform! Our cloud-based fusion process allows us to bring new SDKs onto the Appdome platform automatically.  The result? Appdome customers can now use our intuitive and easy to use point and click web interface to integrate SDKs in seconds. Customers can add the full Appaloosa iOS SDK functionality to any app in minutes. This means customers can now implement the new Appaloosa SDK to existing iOS apps instantly, enabling the apps to be managed by Appaloosa’s MAM solution and distributed easily on the Appaloosa-store. In addition, Appdome’s award-winning mobile security suite can be easily integrated to the same iOS app!

All you need to fuse a mobile app with the Appaloosa SDK (for iOS or Android) is:

  • An active account on the Appdome platform
  • A mobile app binary:  .ipa, .apk or .aab
  • An Appaloosa account

As a CEO, I’m proud to have a stellar team serving as pillars to back Appdome’s commitment to make SDK integrations easy.  To our engineering pillar, I want to applaud their efforts here in putting our partners and customers first.

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