Appdome Enables Okta Identity Cloud for All Mobile Apps

Appdome Enables Okta Identity Cloud for All Mobile Apps

For Oktane19, we launched an updated version of Appdome for Okta Identity Cloud. Developers and non-developers can instantly add Okta SSO and Okta MFA to Android and iOS apps in seconds, no code or coding required.

Appdome Solves the Challenges With Using Okta Identity Cloud in Mobile Apps

There are two major challenges when trying to make mobile apps work with Okta Identity Cloud.

The first challenge is around the nature of mobile apps. Apps do not come with Okta services out of the box. Similarly, any modern authentication methods have to be added to the app. As a result, mobile app developers have to manually code the required Okta SDKs, SAML, OpenID Connect, or OAuth standards and any other services to their apps.

In addition, the wide diversity of mobile development frameworks makes it impossible for any Okta SDK to reach all frameworks equally. Hence the reason why Okta offers different plug-ins for Xamarin, React Native, Cordova, and others. So, these plug-ins need to be added to the mobile app on top of the other manual development work.

In summary, adding Okta to mobile apps is not easy and it requires a lot of manual work. And that is if you can manually code to the app. Enterprises that want to add Okta Identity Cloud to ISV apps do not have source code access to the app so have no option at all.

Appdome Is the Instant, No-Code Alternative

Appdome’s no-code mobile app enhancement platform allows anyone to add Okta SSO and MFA to any Android or iOS app in seconds. With Appdome, organizations can avoid the manual and laborious work of adding Okta SDKs, Okta-specific authentication workflows, modern authentication standards and more. Using Appdome is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Upload any Android or iOS binary (.apk and .ipa) to Appdome.
  2. Select the desired Okta Identity Cloud services.
  3. Click “Build my App”.

Appdome’s AI Mobile Integration engine (AMI) does the rest. AMI will add all the required Okta and modern authentication services to the app. There is no need to manually prepare the app for integration, no need to code the SDK, no need to add SAML, OpenID Connect or OAuth. And most importantly, no need for source code access. Appdome is 100% compatible with all Android and iOS apps.

Appdome Mobile SSO+ Suite Enhances Okta Identity Cloud Services

In addition to the no-code implementation of the Okta SDKs, the Appdome Mobile SSO+ Suite adds several Appdome unique services to the app.

The Direct Broker option blocks malicious redirect requests during SSO authentication. This prevents possible password hijacking that puts the user and organization at risk. This scenario can occur when there is a security breach during the authentication process, that will redirect to the authentication request to a non-authorized server.

With Conditional Cookies, a developer has the option to not send cookies from the app to the authentication server and use conditional cookies instead. Hereby improving the overall security of the application.

Cross-App ID enables mobile apps to share authentication state. Usually, mobile apps don’t share an authentication state. They were written by different developers and have no way of using one app’s authentication state in the other apps on the same mobile device. But with Appdome’s unique Cross-App ID feature, two or more mobile apps can share authentication state. When a user logins into one Appdome-Fused app, they will be automatically authenticated to other Appdome-Fused apps on the same device. Check out this video to see how.

To Learn More

If you want to learn more about Appdome for Okta Identity Cloud, download the datasheet. Contact us or get started with Appdome today.

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