Appdome is iOS 12 Ready!

Appdome is iOS 12 Ready

We are thrilled to announce that, Appdome is iOS 12 ready. This means that all implementations on Appdome are compatible with iOS 12. This ensures that you, your users and customers, can get your Appdome-Fused apps ready for iOS 12 as soon as iOS 12 is released by Apple! Really, Appdome is iOS12 ready early? Yes we are.

As mobile operating systems evolve, the nature and method each OS uses to interact with mobile apps changes. This can wreak havoc on manual implementations of 3rd party services, including SDKs and APIs coded inside the app. Manual implementations of 3rd party services depend on the OS to do and not-do certain things and to interact with each mobile app in a very specific way. As the OS changes, things break. These dependencies mean, as a new OS is released, developers often have to change the way they wrote the 3rd party service to the app. Users of the app are sometimes left waiting for an update, just to make a manual implementation of a 3rd party service work with a new OS. Not with Appdome.

Appdome’s patented Fusion technology eliminates the need to code, re-code or wait for an app to work with each OS release. Implementation completed on Appdome can be updated instantly by simply signing in and clicking “Fuse my App” as soon as the new OS is made available on Appdome. This allows enterprise organizations and app makers to deliver apps that are fully compatible with each new OS release without the work or hassle associated with manual implementations.

Customers and users who would like to begin testing fused apps with iOS 12 just need to come to the Appdome platform and click “Fuse my App” (i.e., fuse the app with the users integration of choice) on Appdome.

Main Highlights of iOS 12 Features include:

  • Siri gets smarter
  • Cut down on screen time
  • Better notification management
  • Create an Animoji of your own
  • Closing apps go old school
  • Built-in tape measure
  • FaceTime allows group calls for up to 32 people

For more information or a detailed description of the iOS 12 features, please go to or read this.

We are always excited to be on the frontline of supporting the latest mobile technologies on the market.  We’re proud to make it fast and easy for enterprise organizations and app makers to add and maintain security, mobility, authentication and threat defense in iOS apps, including apps that now need to run on new versions of iOS like  iOS 12.  Our commitment remains with our customers to be always release-ready and remain current with the latest in integrating mobile solutions to apps.

If you are not yet an Appdome user, just sign up for an Appdome account (it’s free!) to start fusing iOS 12 features to your iOS applications.

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