Appdome Joins AppConfig Community

Appdome Joins AppConfig to Accelerate and Simplify Industry Standard

It’s another momentous day for Appdome! Today, we announced that Appdome joined the AppConfig community, reinforcing our mission to speed the creation of enterprise-ready mobile apps for everyone!

This is a big win for everyone in mobile. Our platform launched in October 2016 and we went GA in February 2017. Since then, we’ve been getting great traction and have become a known vendor in mobile integration. Based on the feedback from analysts, EMM SDK vendors and ISVs, the timing was right for Appdome to join on AppConfig. Thanks to everyone for supporting us!

What is the AppConfig Community?

The AppConfig Community is comprised of leading EMM providers and app makers that have come together to create a secure mobility standard for managed devices used in business. The community’s mission is to streamline the adoption and deployment of mobile enterprise applications by providing a standard approach to app configuration and management. The community builds on the app security and configuration frameworks available in mobile OS platforms. You can learn more about the AppConfig Community here.

What do we like about AppConfig?

For ISVs that want out of the box solution for MDM, AppConfig covers a wide range of use cases. For example, the AppConfig standard includes data at rest encryption, copy paste clipboard prevention, jailbreaking etc., which are common security requirements for enterprises. So ISVs implementing AppConfig standards will make their apps compatible with MDM providers and enhance their ease of use.

Why use Appdome for AppConfig?

Appdome for AppConfig is the automatic, no-code way to implement AppConfig best practices, including the use of native-OS security features, to any app. With Appdome, developers don’t need to spend weeks or months manually building and implementing AppConfig to apps. Appdome for AppConfig enables click-to-implement development options for ISVs, allowing single, several or all features contained in the AppConfig standard to be added to apps in minutes.

With Appdome for AppConfig, there is no reason to wait to make any app MDM-ready. Appdome for AppConfig includes:

  • App Configuration: Leveraging native OS-level APIs so apps can auto-configure URLs, ports, email addresses and more, to simplify the app setup process for end users and alleviate help desk and documentation burden caused by manual setup.
  • App Tunnel: Using per-app VPN, app users can access web services behind a corporate firewall.
  • Single Sign On: The best practice for an app to leverage open authentication standards and configurations using an EMM solution to facilitate a seamless single sign on experience.
  • Security Policies: Apps can use security policies that work across EMM vendors including data at rest encryption, passcodes, document sharing, app back-up, disable screen capture, remote wiping and disable clipboard and copy-paste.

All functions can be implemented without code or coding. And, no changes are required to any app to use Appdome.

Look out for our next blog where the key benefits of Appdome for AppConfig will be highlighted.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Appdome or AppConfig, visit or open a free Appdome account and start your free Mobile Services trial today!

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