Appdome Fast AppConfig Implementation

Fast AppConfig Implementation on Appdome

Fast AppConfig Implementation

Our mission, our raison d’être, here at Appdome is to help ISV streamline and simplify the product delivery of critical mobile enterprise services such as EMM, MDM and MAM. On August 8, we added AppConfig to this mix. By allowing a point and click, fast AppConfig implementation to Android and iOS apps, we are giving ISVs a single place to automate the integration of all mobile management services into their enterprise apps.

Industry thoughtleaders are really excited that we are supporting the AppConfig standard.

Here’s a little background on the AppConfig Community.

“The AppConfig community is a collection of industry leading EMM solution providers and app developers that have come together to make it easier for developers and customers to drive mobility in business. The community’s mission is to streamline the adoption and deployment of mobile enterprise applications by providing a standard approach to app configuration and management, building upon the extensive app security and configuration frameworks available in the OS. Working together, the members of the AppConfig Community are making it simpler for developers to implement a consistent set of controls so that enterprise IT administrators can easily configure and manage apps according to their business policies and requirements.”

Avoid manual development of AppConfig

AppConfig is a new app-management standard on managed devices in the enterprise. Many ISVs want to add AppConfig to their apps. The roadmap for Appconfig exists. With Appdome’s fusion technology, ISVs can make those roadmaps a reality with a fast AppConfig implementation to their apps.

Appdome for AppConfig offers the following benefits to ISVs and developers:

  • Automate – Eliminate manual development work to implement and support Appconfig.
  • Deliver – Resolve gaps in coverage for Appconfig features across Android and iOS.
  • Choice – Click to Implement any combination or all Appconfig features to apps in minutes.
  • Ease – Avoid building underlying security feature sets (like encryption, etc.)
  • Quality – zero degradation of service quality and native app user experience
  • Flexibility – Empower customers to perform integrations or publish to App stores
  • Hardening – Appdome app hardening with every implementation.
  • Price – fixed price (capped cost) model promotes broad use and adoption.

Read all the details of Appdome for Appconfig in the datasheet.

I want you to try Appdome. For more information on Appdome for Appconfig, write me at or, or start a free trial today. I want to hear from you!

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