Appdome Patented Fusion Technology

Appdome Patents No-Code Mobile Integration

It’s one thing to “say” you have a novel technology. A patent validates the assertion – it confirms that what you’ve created is unique and useful to the world. I’m happy to announce that last month, Appdome earned our first patent on “Fusion,” our word for no-code mobile integration.

At Appdome, we’re proud of what we do. We make the “impossible” easy, by allowing mobile SDK/API services to be added to Android and iOS mobile apps without anyone writing a single line of code. As the abstract points out:

The huge market of smartphones demands a vast number of applications with varying capabilities. For this, it is desirable that capabilities of two or more pieces of executables will be delivered together. The purpose of this invention is to allow merging of several, two or more, pieces of binary executables, without an access to any of which source code.

Each time someone “fuses” an app, we help the mobile economy. Using Appdome, developers don’t have to code SDKs/APIs into apps. SDK/API vendors don’t have to wrestle with customers to get integrations. The burden of adoption gets smaller, services get tested more freely, and better solutions can be brought to market more quickly. In this way, we’re happy to see more security, mobility, identity and other mobile solutions brought to market inside great apps using Appdome.

Along the way, we’ve been asked “how” we do what we do. Some try to imagine all sorts of ways it “could” be done. Some have tried (unsuccessfully, of course) to reverse engineer a Fused app. Our patent can now shed light on the how – here’s the summary:

The merging process will handle the addressing environment required for correct code operation—creating a single virtual memory space and adapting the binding addresses, offset addresses and base addresses. This will enable executing all desired functionality from a single piece of a binary executable which can be downloaded as a single application from the app store. 

As this first patent clarifies, we’ve been thinking outside the box for some time. The technology we’ve built approaches the challenge of mobile integration differently – not as a “wrapper” or “injection” or “script.” At Appdome, integration is the combination of “two binaries.” An app binary (.ipa or .apk file of an app). And, a service binary.  The app and the service binary interact with each other and with an independent layer unique to Appdome. That independent layer is called Fusion. The Fusion layer is smart. It allows services to co-exist and interoperate.

As we release new services on Appdome, the Fusion layer gets smarter and better over time. It is in the Fusion layer that we believe we can transform the mobile industry, making all services easier and faster to implement. We’re only at the beginning of the bigger journey.

We look forward to working with existing and new partners, customers, and colleagues as we continue to transform the mobile industry – in our existing and in new services we’ve yet to explore.

Don’t take our word for it, see Appdome in action.

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