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Better Security for the Modern Mobile Workforce

Our customers came to us with a new use case for enterprise security and the modern mobile workforce: “How do we securely get mobile apps to all of our employees, rather than just the subset of employees on an MDM, EMM or MAM system?” They now use Appdome to deploy custom mobile apps, cost-effectively, to their modern mobile workforce. Today, we are proud to announce that we have productized this offering under the name Zero Management Security.

Before diving into the details of this offering, let’s take a deeper look at what is driving the need for Zero Management Security.

The first reason is the changing workforce. Millennials make up approximately 50% of the modern workforce, and GenZ is starting to enter the workplace. Today’s workers were born and raised in the Age of Mobile and leverage their mobile devices for everything. When we released our Mobile Apps in the Digital Workplace report in April, our informal survey of customers found that the new mobile-native workplace is forcing new security, management and authentication models to emerge quickly. Our report highlights that single vendor and single implementation modalities are becoming outdated. Organizations must now deliver “any vendor” and “any solution” into mobile apps on demand. And BYOD is a main driver of this.

The other reason is reach. A recent study by showed that only 17% of companies provide their employees with access to company owned and managed device. As a result, over 87% of companies are dependent to some extent on their employee’s ability to access mobile business apps from their personal smartphones. So how do you reach all your employees with enterprise apps when, 57 % of employees and 38 % of IT professionals chose not to participate in BYOD programs because they don’t want to relinquish control over their personal devices to their IT department?

Introducing Zero Management Security

Appdome’s new offering, Zero Management Security, provides DevSecOps teams and mobility professionals a better mobility option. It’s a complete mobile app security solution that doesn’t require a management profile on the employee’s personal device.

Zero Management Security allows developers to build custom apps by integrating mobile security, enterprise authentication, and enterprise access and readiness services to any Android or iOS app. When building these custom apps on Appdome, these technologies work together to provide a modular, in-app feature set – no profile or enrollment required.

The Appdome solutions that makeup Zero Management Security are:

Distribution options are plentiful using Zero Management Security, including distributing apps to your modern mobile workforce in the same trusted way they get their other apps – a public app store.

What This Means for DevSecOps, Mobility Professionals and the Modern Mobile Workforce

Appdome’s extensive support for enterprise mobility use cases allows DevSecOps and mobility professionals to craft strategies that embrace multi-deployment use cases with a single solution.

One such strategy could be an MDM for C-suite executives, a MAM or EMM for management and Zero Management Security for all rank-and-file employees. Implementing this strategy on Appdome is easy. Appdome allows you to build three versions of any Android or iOS app to suit each individual use case. And each case can be achieved in minutes, all using the same no-code, point-click, workflow.

Learn how Zero Management Security can give you a better mobility option for your modern mobile workforce. Download the datasheet or get started with Appdome today.

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