Appdome Delivers Mobile Devops

Dilbert Needs Appdome to Deliver New Mobile Development Priorities

Poor Dilbert, luckily Appdome can help him with his mobile development priorities.

In fact, Appdome is the solution to all his problems. It’s a simple and easy 3-step process. Fully automated and without needing to write any code. Mobile development priorities become a piece of cake.

  1. Upload the app binary to
  2. Select the SDK(s) for the feature(s) to combine with the app
  3. Click “Fuse My App”

And in a minute or so Dilbert will have a new, fully productized app that he can sign and publish to the Appstore.

Boom, request solved. Pointy-haired Boss can come up with as many changes to the mobile development priorities as he wants.

Learn more about Appdome’s unique technology and start your trial today.

Thanks for reading! This blog is part of a series focused on Mobile Security Basics, which is appropriate for readers of any level looking to increase their overall mobile security knowledge.

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