Appdome Teams speeds devops and devsecops

Appdome Introduces DevOps-Class Continuous Integration Experience

What is Appdome for Teams?

Appdome for Teams is a social workplace model for Dev-Ops class mobile integration. The new capabilities allow participants to work together to complete mobile integration projects efficiently, all without code or coding. Groups share the Appdome workflow, enjoying the combined workspaces, progress and approvals together.

Appdome for Teams ushers in an entirely new class of continuous integration and efficiency in integrating services to apps and getting the best integrated mobile experiences into the hands of users. With it, users can achieve the dream of continuous integration and continuous delivery of mobile apps to users.

Within the re-architected workflow, individual team-members “assign-and-select” responsibilities within Appdome’s mobile integration workflow. This allows teams to form and change naturally and allows members to perform the roles that each regularly plays in getting apps in the hands of users. Enterprise customers, for example, can bring apps to the workplace by leveraging existing security, mobility, and LOB responsibilities. Mobile developers, devops and enterprise customers can preserve their centers of excellence in development, mobility, security and app distribution, and combine efforts to deliver integrated mobile experiences to users fast.

The goal of Appdome for Teams is to streamline devops mobile integration, accelerate mobile app readiness, and improve the productivity and efficiency in bringing the best-integrated apps to users.

Appdome Branding Options

Within Branding, Appdome users can customize the app icon, bundleID, and other elements that make each app unique and useful for its intended audience. Here is why branding is important to you:

  • Easily distinguish apps with different features and services integrated with the app.
  • Improve transparency of feature sets and allows enterprises to make users aware of the capabilities included in the app.
  • Allow developers and enterprises to choose and use customization as a way of promoting use, trust, and understanding among app users, ensuring the broadest adoption of the best apps for the intended use case.

If you have not been on our Appdome platform yet, you are already missing out a lot. It’s really time to sign up for free today!

Keep watching for more from Appdome!        

Last October, we launched the Appdome platform. Since then, we have introduced key features that support the mobile enterprise and mobile developer:

Stay tuned for more from Appdome!

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