The F5 Agility Conference Was a Huge Success -Thanks!

The F5 Agility Conference was by all accounts an amazing experience. We are humbled by the enthusiasm and warmth we got from F5 customers, partners and employees, and the interested garnered for our anti-bot solution.

A very big “Thank You” to the F5 Team and F5 Customer Community!

The Appdome team was over-the-moon to hear so many conference participants immediately get Appdome’s core value proposition – accelerating app delivery and getting any service into mobile apps in a click. We’re proud that our solution can help organizations implement mobile services like F5 Anti-Bot for both Android and iOS apps. And do so quickly and easily, without writing code. The feedback on Appdome services was awesome!

Thank you to all the F5 Agility conference participants for the many great conversations, questions, project suggestions and feedback. Great meeting knowledgable professionals from all over the world. People that know both the network and the application challenges at large organizations. Security, Threat, Authentication and Mobility are big topics, and even bigger challenges, everywhere. We’re happy that so many of you see the value in what we provide.

Key Take Aways from F5 Agility Conference

F5 Agility conference attendees understand the huge and positive impact of the Appdome technology. From speeding application and project timelines, to removing challenges and easing the organizational burden of app delivery. We love hearing “this will make things so much easier”. And “this solves big problems for us.”  Thank you to F5 Field Teams, for sharing your customer’s excitement and bringing them by our booth. We hear you loud and clear. You need mobile integration help across the board, including mobile securityenterprise mobilitymobile authentication and mobile threat defense.

Making Bad Bots Sad Was a Big Hit!

“Making Bad Bots Sad” is a great hit, especially our t-shirt. They “flew off the shelf” like hot cakes. We’re so glad to see all the smiles on everyone’s faces! Our sincere apologies to everybody who didn’t get a T-Shirt. We ran out much sooner than expected!

Final Thoughts

F5 Agility conference was a blast and we are humbled by the support everyone showed us. Our booth was always several rows deep with visitors interested in what we do. Everybody asked for demos and challenged us with in-depth questions about the Appdome solution. At Agility, it became crystal clear that we have only scratched the surface of what is possible with the Appdome/F5 partnership. We at Appdome look forward to what is to come.

If you want to take Appdome for a test drive, you can create your free account now and start a trial.

Happy Fusing!

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