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Mobile Banking App Security Influencers: Cyrus Daruwala

We’re very excited to announce a new video interview series with Mobile App Security influencers. In the first interview in the series, we’re focusing on mobile banking app security. We met with Cyrus Daruwala, managing director Global Financial Services at IDC at his office in Singapore.

We asked Cyrus how banks can build mobile app security in their DevOps pipeline. Learn why Cyrus believes that mobile app security is a building block of any DevOps undertaking and why intelligent automation helps banks automate security when building their mobile apps. In addition to this, Cyrus share several other important insights that are of interest to DevOps and Security Professionals in the banking and fintech industry.

Recommendation for Developers and Security Professionals at Banks and Fintechs

Appdome is a Security Build System that connects to your build system. With Appdome developers and security professionals at banks and fintech can build mobile app security and fraud prevention features to their mobile apps in their CI/CD pipeline. They can build mobile app security without changing their existing DevOps workflows. Building security in any of the mobile apps developed by the bank or fintech is a simple API Command in their CI/CD pipeline.

Appdome allows banks and fintechs to version their mobile app security releases just like their version their mobile app product releases. With Appdome, banks and fintech can easily complete their security project and protect their mobile banking customers and mobile banking business against any attack, threat, malware or fraud.

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