Mobile Enterprise Authentication Has Arrived, and It’s Easy to Implement

Our Appdome for SSO+ offering just got a whole lot better!

Mobile savvy and mobile first enterprises face a demanding challenge. How can Android and iOS apps leverage the organization’s existing investments in authentication, access and authorization systems?

You already know that Appdome’s no-code mobile integration service allows developers and organizations to add authentication and identity services directly to an app without code or coding. This solves the basic (but difficult) problem of connecting mobile apps to existing authentication environments. Earlier, we also shared with our followers the critical security aspects of Appdome for SSO+.  Today, we’re super excited to share two awesome updates to Appdome for SSO+. These updates make mobile enterprise authentication an easy to achieve reality.

Modern organizations have deployed deeply complex and embedded systems to authenticate users, grant access and authorize use of critical resources maintained inside the organization’s digital environment. These systems are not pre-coded in the mobile apps organizations want to provide to their workforce. So, what do these organizations do? I am very proud to share two key features that answer this question and change the game in mobile enterprise authentication forever.  Here’s a sneak peek into just a few of the top innovations we’ve added to Appdome for SSO+.

The first innovation is our patent pending “Mobile App Federation” framework. This enables multiple Fused apps to securely share authentication and session state with other Fused apps on the same device. The framework offers immense simplification and user experience benefits as multiple authentication workflows across several apps can be consolidated into one single, simple authentication action by the user. The way this feature works is simple and elegant – a successful authentication to one Fused app automatically unlocks all Fused apps on the device. Over time, I expect this framework to expand and enable organizations to set up trusted groups of mobile apps on a device. The vision is for users to have multiple trust groups on a device at one time, each pointing to one or more authentication or identity services.

The second innovation is even more exciting. It too is patent pending and we call it “SmartID-Workflows” is so amazing, I really can’t contain myself. As you know, “traditional” authentication, access and authorization happens upon the launch of the app. For this use case, previous versions of Appdome for SSO+ had you covered. If you wanted to unify the mobile apps basic authentication (User name and password) into a cloud or on-premise authentication or identity service, use Appdome for SSO+. But, what if you wanted multiple authentication or identity services throughout the workflow of an app? What if you wanted different authentication and identity services used when the app accessed different resources? Or, say, you wanted to leverage different events in the app to access different authentication and identity workflows? SmartID-Workflows allows developers and organizations without access to source code of an app to layer authentication and identity services as part of the logic of the app. With this technology, the reality of mobile enterprise authentication has arrived, and it’s easy and fast to implement too.

To learn more about the new mobile enterprise authentication features and all that Appdome for SSO+ provides, get the new data sheet.

Appdome’s SSO+ enables you to integrate your identity provider of choice into any mobile app – on-demand, without coding. With Appdome for SSO+, you can:

  • Leverage your existing technology investment ‘as is’ (no changes to apps or infrastructure).
  • Unify a simple, secure authentication to access all apps.
  • Layer authentication and identity as part of the logic of the app.
  • Eliminate dependencies on standards frameworks, ecosystems, and dev schedules.

…All without code or coding a thing. Download the datasheet for more information

Stay tuned for more on this topic from Appdome.

Happy fusing!

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