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Appdome’s Mobility Suite Solves Common Enterprise Mobility Use Cases

Today, we announced our latest service update for solving enterprise mobility use cases – the Appdome Mobility Suite!

These new services give mobile enterprise customers and ISVs integration options for mobile apps being deployed within enterprise mobility management solutions. The new services reach popular use cases inside all EMMs, including Blackberry, AirWatch, IBM MaaS 360, MobileIron and other EMM solutions.

Solving Enterprise Mobility Use Cases with Appdome Mobility Suite

The Appdome Mobility Suite extends EMM systems, allowing EMMs and MDMs to reach more types and classes of mobile apps, including apps with latency-sensitive VoIP services, legacy methods for background, push notifications, and other services. Hereby solving enterprise mobility use cases that limit the full adoption of mobile in the enterprise. Here is what’s inside the Appdome Mobility Suite:

Features that accommodate multiple app types:

  • Dynamic Encryption and Container ManagementTM – A system of techniques that encrypt and manage all files created after provisioning, using keys and EMM secret tokens, to optimize encryption based on app’s data usage and feature set.
  • Adaptive App RoutingTM – A system that allows latency sensitive feature sets such as VoIP to leverage the native routing protocol in an app, while routing all remaining traffic and events to via the EMM tunnel.
  • Legacy Background/Push – Enables pre-iOS 9 legacy background methods to co-exist with EMM implementations so that mobile end users still receive push notifications.
  • Jailbreak/Root Detection by Appdome – Allows enterprises to implement and mobile apps to benefit from Jailbreak/Root detection from both an EMM and Appdome
  • App Delegation Prioritization – Automatically prioritize event handling for multiple delegation apps
  • App Windowing Handoff – Support seamless handoffs between intermediate windows in extended windowing schemes.
  • Universal App Scaling – Adjust app to automatically scale with different devices

Features that enable new EMM services:

  • Connect Secure Browser – Connects the EMM vendor’s secure browser to the app, so that web-links open in the EMM’s secure browser (not the native browser built into the app)
  • Connect Secure Email – Connects the EMM vendor’s Email Client to the app, so that email-links open in the EMM’s Email Client (not the native email client built into the app)

Features that secure use of apps:

  • Prohibit Document Sharing – Disables document sharing in the app, including Open-In, Print, Copy, Air-Drop and Save to Camera.
  • Prohibit Local Contacts – Disables app access to local contacts.
  • In-App Calls Only – Enables in-app, local use for calls for Tel-links.
  • In-App Messages Only – Enables in-app, local use for messages for SMS-links.

I love the new features, mostly because each element was driven by a specific customer using EMM. These features are solving enterprise mobility use cases that our customers tell us about all the time. They support real-world enterprise scenarios, giving Appdome customers more flexibility, agility and choice in adding the services to the apps they use in the workplace. Schedule a demo of these great new services – you’ll be impressed, for sure.

The suite of services can be found under the “Management” section of the Appdome platform under the heading “Appdome Mobility Suite”. What’s also cool is that customers get to pick and choose their desired or full functionality of the Appdome Mobility Suite and their chosen EMM via Appdome’s ‘one-click’ self-service Fusion process.

Appdome Mobility Suite is another testament of how Appdome innovates and strives to provide the best technology to enable mobile solution vendors (i.e. EMMs), mobility professionals, mobile app developers, and others to quickly and efficiently deliver a broader range of fully integrated mobile experiences.  If you have not been on our Appdome platform yet, it’s really time to sign up for a free trial today!

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