Add Secure Access to Mobile Apps with Mobile Enterprise Access

We’re very excited to announce the availability of mobile enterprise access, the latest service category on the Appdome platform.  In addition to mobile app security, mobile identity, enterprise mobility, and mobile threat defense, customers now have even more integration choices on Appdome. In fact, this latest no-code mobile integration solution allows enterprises to add in-app secure access to mobile apps. As a result, their employees get secure access to protected resources without the need for per-app or device-level VPNs.

We support three new no-code implementation options that allow mobile apps to natively connect and authenticate to enterprise networks. Mobile MicroVPN allows mobile apps to use any standard SSL-gateway, VPN or network Proxy. Microsoft Azure AD Application Proxy and F5 Access Manager allow apps to use each vendor’s gateway in direct-authentication and brokered-authentication modes. Similarly, as with all solutions on Appdome, authentication data is secured and protected by Appdome’s advanced ONEShield App Shielding solution. Other vendor-specific solutions like Cisco EasyVPN will be supported soon.

Add Secure Access to Mobile Apps with Appdome MicroVPN

MicroVPNs are virtual private networks that are specific to an application instead of a device. The purpose of using a MicroVPN in mobile apps is to enable Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and avoid deploying a VPN client to every device. As such, MicroVPNs allow mobile apps to establish direct and seamless access to corporate resources without a device-level VPN.

Appdome MicroVPN is a flexible, all-in-one, mobile enterprise connectivity solution. It supports any enterprise standard network gateway such as an SSL gateway, proxy, reverse proxy, or industry standard VPN. In addition, it eliminates the need for mobile device-level VPNs or per-app VPNs. Furthermore, Appdome MicroVPN can also add additional security by limiting SSL to more secure ciphers. As a result, with Appdome MicroVPN, each mobile app connects directly and securely to enterprise infrastructures.

Appdome MicroVPN can be added to a multi-service Fusion Set to address specific enterprise mobility requirements. For example, users can create a Fusion Set where they add Microsoft Intune and MicroVPN to their mobile apps. The result is an App that is managed by Intune and that has the ability to utilize a secure, encrypted connection to backend corporate services.

Read our KB article to learn how you can add MicroVPN to any mobile app.

Add Secure Access to Mobile Apps with Microsoft AppProxy

Microsoft’s Azure AD Application Proxy provides single sign-on (SSO) and secure remote access for web applications hosted on-premises. Unlike Office365 apps, most non-Microsoft apps don’t natively support Microsoft AppProxy.

Appdome customers can instantly add support for AppProxy to all their Android and iOS apps. Even to 3rd party ISV apps for which they don’t have source code access to. As a result, all Appdome-Fused apps will access their web application through the organization’s Microsoft Application proxy.

Read our KB article to learn how you can add Microsoft Azure AD Application Proxy to any mobile app.

Add Secure Access to Mobile Apps with F5 Access Manager

F5 Access Manager is a secure, flexible, high-performance access management proxy solution that provides unified global access controls for users, devices, and APIs.

Mobile apps don’t come with native compatibility to F5 Access Manager. That means mobile developers need to modify the source code of mobile apps in order to discover, connect and authenticate to F5 services. This is such a gargantuan task that most organizations choose to not do it.

Appdome offers the ability to integrate the F5 Access Manager service to any mobile app in minutes without code or coding. As a result, organizations can add secure access to mobile apps so that employees can access protected resources from anywhere. Enabling them to extend the reach of F5 Access Manager to include all mobile apps.

Read our KB article to learn how you can add F5 Access Manager to any mobile app or download the Appdome for F5 Access Manager datasheet.

Key Benefits of Mobile Enterprise Access

Appdome allows organizations to instantly add secure access to mobile apps. That gives employees enterprise access to protected resources from any device from anywhere. Thereby making common mobile challenges to integrating secure access to apps are a thing of the past.

To learn more download our Mobile Enterprise Access Integration datasheet, or start a free trial of Appdome today.

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