New Knowledge Base for No-Code Mobile Integration Projects

Today, we’re unveiling a new knowledge base that will be a huge benefit to all current users and to newcomers on Appdome.

Appdome has become the gold standard in mobile integration. We take our growing responsibility seriously. To align with that responsibility, our knowledge base needs to be easy to follow. And it has to have technically precise instructions for every mobile integration choice available on Appdome. Our goal is to guide every user in completing no-code mobile integration projects fast and efficiently using Appdome.

Since the beginning of the year, our focus is on advancing the technology that powers Appdome. To that end, we continuously release more of the no-code mobile integration choices our customers need. Hence, we’ve added tons of new features, vendors and services that address hundreds of new use cases. Today, we support thousands of potential mobile service, feature, SDK, and API combinations. All implementations are driven by the choices our users make on Appdome.

There is no product management or developer intervention needed on Appdome. We are true to the promise of Appdome – upload an app, select a service, and click “Fuse My App.” Appdome’s technology does the rest. At the same time, our pace of innovation was so fast that our knowledge base fell behind. We added features non-stop, without documenting those features in clear and easy to follow knowledge base articles. In an earlier post, I explained that bringing all our content under one roof – website, blog and knowledge base – was vital to Appdome. That was the first step and today is the second step. 

Over 200 Articles To Assist You With Your Mobile Integration Projects

The new Appdome knowledge base has close to 200 posts, with 150+ net-new, step-by-step instructions covering the top use cases in use among our customers. We’ve added knowledge base articles for new no code mobile integration options on Appdome, like SSO, cloud identity, Cross-App ID, mobile integration templates,  and more. Other articles cover new no-code implementation categories like enterprise access and MicroVPN. Lastly, we’ve updated all our pre-existing knowledge base articles, covering topics like mobile app security, recent innovations in ONEShield™TOTALCode™ Obfuscationenterprise mobility, and others. All in all, ensuring that each knowledge base article has the most up to date information on completing no-code mobile integration projects on Appdome.

We’ve standardized all knowledge base articles so that visitors will have a clear line of sight on where to find the information needed. Additional focus is on helping readers complete no-code mobile integration projects quickly and easily on Appdome. We’ve done our best to identify prerequisites to completing a mobile integration project on Appdome, as well as providing clear discovery paths on each topic. For some articles, we also wanted to address the demands for more technical details on how Appdome works. So, we included implementation architectures (where appropriate) showing where and how an Appdome-Fused app interacts with the service that has been added on Appdome. Some of this information has been shared with our users privately. Now, we are making these topologies available to all users on Appdome, equally.

Tooltips on the Appdome Platform

And finally, we also linked every feature on the Appdome platform to our new knowledge base. Users using Appdome that have a question about a feature or implementation option can now click on the “i” tooltip. This will take them directly to the relevant knowledge base article that explains the feature. As our service continues to grow, expect new articles to be added with every sprint. We will continue updating our existing articles when new features and capabilities are in production. There is so much happening in the mobile integration space. Our dream is that Appdome’s knowledge base will become a resource for completing no-code mobile integration projects of all types.

We continue to be thrilled by the amazing range of organizations that use Appdome to complete mobile integration projects. More and more enterprise and government organizations are choosing Appdome. These organizations are in a race to create customized builds of the mobile apps needed by their users. Likewise, more than ever major mobile app makers are using Appdome as the platform of choice for B2E, B2B, and B2C use cases. These app makers want vendor, SDK and API choice in a do-it-yourself environment. Their goal is to simplify feature releases, read more customers and speed up app delivery. Our knowledge base is now a key part of delivering that dream.

Thank you and, as always, happy fusing!

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