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Competing in the mobile app industry is tough. Mobile end users expect the best features in every app, in your app. Organizations must use more and better technologies to maintain agility and increase the speed of mobile app delivery. Time is of the essence in maintaining mobile app competitiveness.

Today, the Appdome platform offers self-service, instant, no-code implementations in five core competencies – mobile app security, app-shielding, authentication, enterprise mobility and mobile threat defense. In these categories, we support hundreds of use cases and add partnerships steadily. These solutions help enterprises turn B2C, B2B, B2E mobile app visions into reality quickly and easily.

Last week, we launched a new website to better match our strategic vision – speeding mobile app delivery with hassle free mobile integration.  To make it easier on everyone, we brought all digital channels – website, knowledge base, and blog – under one umbrella. We’re also starting to design specific customer journeys for each integration use case. In each case, we want to deliver the information and technology that makes instant implementation of any mobile service to Android and iOS apps a reality.

Digital Workplace and More…

Mobile apps in the digital workplace continue to be a big theme here at Appdome. Our newer no-code implementation options like enterprise authentication and MicroVPN address the digital workplace. These services, combined with our comprehensive no-code options for EMM and MAM providers support the enterprise objective of getting more B2B and B2E apps into the workplace. Bottom line, digital workers want more mobile apps to collaborate and complete work more efficiently and productively. Our new eGuide on Mobile Apps in the Digital Workplace highlights the ways Appdome addresses the key challenges for mobile apps in the digital workplace.

This year, we’re also seeing a surge in consumer facing applications on Appdome. Our portfolio is also expanding to cover new mobile services like access, analytics, collaboration, performance management, engagement, payments, advertising, and more. We’re doing more than ever to support the mobile developer. Our new Appdome-GO™ is an entire portfolio unto itself, designed for developers that need a high productivity, fully automated mobile integration platform. You can learn more about Appdome-GO in our new platform datasheet.

As a result, more of our prospects and others have stated they refer to Appdome as the ‘Mulesoft of Mobile’. We take that as a great compliment. Mulesoft’s mission, as we understand it, is to connect desktop and cloud apps to critical back-end systems easily. Appdome’s promise is similar. We make adding mobile services to mobile apps easy. To do so, we offer a do-it-yourself, no-code mobile integration platform anyone can use. On the platform, users select the mobile services needed in Android and iOS apps and click “Build My App.” Seconds later, the services are merged with the original app and a new enhanced app is ready for deployment.

What’s the Next Chapter for No-Code Mobile Integration?

Appdome’s promise continues to evolve. Our technology has become a truly transformative toolset that is strategic to the world’s most mobile forward businesses. Hundreds of complex mobile integration projects are completed on Appdome daily. We’re already the gold standard for no-code mobile integration. Yet, plenty of what we do is still ‘behind the curtain’. Innovation continues at a breakneck pace at Appdome. As such, many of our newer no-code implementation options have yet to be revealed. We now have a digital platform to match the speed of technical innovation. As we release new features and partners, expect to see these new capabilities come to life across the site.

We have a growing and vibrant community of customers, partners, publishers, developers and investors who support our journey. Appdome just closed our eighth consecutive (record) quarter of growth. We’re honored to have a growing group of amazing customers who use and refer our solution to others. We also raised a new round of funding, led by an amazing group of new investors and fully supported by our existing investors. Our growth and the new funding provides plenty of capital to fulfill our mission to make mobile integration easy for everyone. It also provides the resources to expand and support more mobile app strategies with our technology.

“Build My App” is more than a just a button to us!

Mulesoft for Mobile? We don’t yet know. But, we DO know that mobile integration is hard and Appdome makes it easy!

Build My App button on Appdome

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Happy Fusing!

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