Fuse Custom Salesforce Apps at Dreamforce’18 and Beyond

Exciting news! Lightning and custom Salesforce app developers can instantly implement a broad selection of enterprise mobility, security and authentication services to custom Salesforce apps on Appdome, no code or coding required! Join us at Dreamforce ’18 where you can test drive Appdome for Salesforce and meet with our technical experts.

It’s exciting to see that two no-code trailblazers joined forces to help enterprises and ISVs deliver better mobile apps in the workplace.The Salesforce Lightning Platform enables developers and mobility professionals at enterprises and ISVs to create custom Salesforce apps using the no-code Lightning App Builder. Appdome is the world’s first no-code mobile integration platform, providing enterprises and ISVs a self-service, easy to use, cloud-based workflow to add mobile services to Android and iOS apps, no code or coding required.

Instantly add EMM, MAM, Analytics and Advanced Mobile Security into Custom Salesforce Apps, No Code or Coding Required

Enterprises and ISVs use Lightning to create custom Salesforce apps to cover use cases not addressed by the Salesforce mobile app and the MySalesforce app. Judging from the thousands of customers that use the Salesforce SDK to build apps and the sheer volume of Salesforce Lightning apps available on the AppExchange today, enterprises and ISVs alike love creating custom Salesforce apps from the ground up.

Enterprise organizations, app makers (ISVs) and Salesforce told us that Lightning users and developers of custom Salesforce app need a solution to add Enterprise Mobility, Analytics and Advanced Security services to these apps. We worked closely with the Salesforce mobile SDK product team to zero in on the critical use cases and deliver a no-code solution to these users, together.

So, effective immediately, Lightning users and custom Salesforce app developers can use Appdome to instantly implement a broad selection of enterprise services, SDKs and APIs to custom Salesforce apps! Using Appdome, users can add critical services like EMM, MAM, Analytics and Advanced Mobile Security into apps, after they’ve built the app! Reach out to me for more info.

How does Appdome work for custom Salesforce apps?

Add EMM to Custom Salesforce apps

Appdome enables anyone in the Salesforce ecosystem to implement their choice of Management, Analytics, and Security features (SDKs, APIs) into any custom Salesforce mobile app – instantly, with no code or coding. For example, customers can integrate the full service suites from EMM providers such as AirWatch Workforce One, BlackBerry UEMIBM MaaS360, Microsoft Intune and MobileIron to custom Salesforce apps in a matter of seconds. Other no-code implementation options include mobile analytics services, such as Apteligent by VMware, or advanced mobile security, such as Data-at-Rest encryption, trusted session inspection, certificate pinning, Jailbreak/Rooted device protection, and App Shielding/Hardening features like anti-tampering, anti-reversing, code obfuscation, and more. Adding these services is easy. The Appdome process is not done in source code and not with a developer but literally with a pre-built Android or iOS app and a few clicks on the Appdome platform.

Customers can even combine multiple services, across different mobile categories and multiple 3rd party vendors, all with the same pre-built custom Salesforce app and Appdome. This gives providers of custom Salesforce apps the ability to create best-of-breed mobile integrations to serve any customer environment and use case, on-demand.

See how no-code mobile integration works @Dreamforce ’18!

We are proud to announce that Appdome will be showcasing this solution at Dreamforce ’18, September 25-28 in San Francisco, as a Bronze sponsor.

This is the beginning of a great partnership that will be very beneficial to enterprises using Salesforce to manage all their customer relationships and ISVs building their business on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce customers can immediately enjoy the following benefits:

  • Deliver custom Salesforce apps in any leading Enterprise Mobility environment.
  • Tailor security, authentication and management implementations to support specific Salesforce apps.
  • Add single or multiple mobile services to Salesforce apps to support internal use cases (without coding).

Come by the Appdome booth at Dreamforce ’18 to see a demo. Our mobile developers, technical staff and management team will be on hand to answer all your questions.

If you want to get a head start in advance of Dreamforce, no problem! You can create your Appdome account today and start your free trial.

Happy Fusing!

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