Appdome has a New logo for a New Vision


Hi everyone, here’s another sneak peek into what’s happening at Appdome.

We decided, with everything we’re now building – new service, new website, new knowledge base, new… well, everything – that our old logo just didn’t work any longer. It wasn’t us. Didn’t match the modern service we’re building. Didn’t speak to the simplicity that we’re going to offer to the mobile community. So, we benched it and asked the team to come up with something better. They did.

In the coming days, the new platform, site and service will be out. It’ll be a beta. It’ll still have our comprehensive mobile security suite as part of it. It’ll offer so much more. We’re confident that it’ll let mobile developers and other professionals complete any kind of mobile integration project faster and more efficiently than ever before. We’re excited and terrified. Terrified is good, actually. It means we’re working hard to build something app owners and mobile professionals will like, and use and make a part of how they integrate mobile apps.

Every time we talk to customers, partners and others, we’re increasingly convinced that we’re on to something. We like this new logo. We hope you do too. We hope even more that it opens the possibilities on what we, the mobile community, can do once we put the power of Fusion in everyone’s hands.

Stay tuned!

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