The Benefits of Adding a Mobile App Expiration Date


Security tips for mobile application developers

Mobile app expiration is a hot topic. Well, not really “hot” but mobile app expiration is a topic and one worthy of a blog. There are instances when you’ll want to develop a mobile app and you’ll want that mobile app to expire at a predetermined date or post installation after a certain number of days. So lock in for the non-stop, hi-octane, thrill ride of excitement that is: mobile app expiration.

Why develop mobile apps that expire

There are many cases when you want to develop an application that expires after a pre-defined limit is met. I’ve seen this for venues like conferences and concerts. Expiring applications is seen when organizations are working with partners, contractors and consultants that may only need access for a limited time to business and or technical resources. Apps that expire are also a common practice for trial applications and for betas and pre-release candidates.

The mobile app expiration experience

The Appdome platform offers several choices when fusing your app. These choices make it easy for you to customize the expiration experience for your users. After fusing this feature, when an app expires the user will be presented with your pre-defined message like the following: “The trial period for this application has ended.  If you wish to continue using it, please purchase the application in the store.” At this point the user won’t be able to open the app.

App expiration by date

You can limit use of your mobile app by date on Appdome. To do so, you simply select the day, month and year that your mobile app will expire. Once that date is reached the user will be presented with the expiration message and the app will exit.

App expiration by duration

You can limit use of your mobile app by length of time or duration. To do so, you simply select the number of days of activity until mobile app expiration.

The start date for the expiration time is the date of app installation on the mobile device. You can choose anywhere between 1 and 365 days. Just as with the “limit usage by date” option, when the mobile app expires the user will be presented with your message and the app will exit.

Thanks for reading! This blog is part of a series focused on security tips for mobile application developers. While it’s not intended to be an exhaustive analysis of security issues or Fusion, it’s my intent to use this blog series as a platform to help mobile application developers become more security-aware. I hope you found this information useful. Happy fusing!

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