How to Add Microsoft Intune to Mobile Apps Without Coding

Appdome is a member of MISA (Microsoft Intelligent Security Association)More and more organizations want to add Microsoft Intune to mobile apps. And use Intune as their mobile application management (MAM) solution. This gives organizations a diverse set of tools for managing complex mobile environments and securing Android and iOS mobile apps. Appdome recently joined MISA (Microsoft Intelligent Security Association) and our Appdome for Intune solution is available on the Microsoft Appsource marketplace.

Appdome delivers an instant implementation of the Intune App SDK into native and hybrid mobile apps. Hereby providing organizations immediate mobile app management and security in minutes, all without any coding. To add Microsoft Intune to mobile apps, Appdome has gone beyond the norm. It has released a broad array of no-code options for mobility, authentication and other Microsoft services.

Growing Demand to add Microsoft Intune to Mobile Apps

The increasing interest to add Microsoft Intune to mobile apps is coming from both app makers and large enterprises. This includes financial service, healthcare, government and others sectors. Microsoft’s promise is to let organizations manage their corporate data on any device. Regardless if this device is company managed, employee managed or 3rd party managed. Intune’s MAM solution makes managing the data that resides in Microsoft apps easy, simple and straightforward.

Secure your data on any device with Microsoft Intune

As organizations standardize on Office 365 applications, each wants to extend the management and security capabilities of Microsoft Intune to other apps. Like all SDKs, integrating the Intune App SDK to mobile apps requires two things. First access to source code and second mobile developers. Lack of one or more of these requirements causes deployment stops.

Increased Support for Microsoft Intune on Appdome

Appdome’s instant, no-code implementation of the Intune App SDK makes it easy to add Microsoft Intune to mobile apps. This allows Android and iOS apps built in any development environment, to leverage all the management and security inside Intune. So all apps, even built in frameworks not supported by the Intune App SDK such as React Native, can connect to corporate resources.

No Need to Manually Code the SDK or Use the Intune Wrapper

Using Appdome, there is no need to manually code or wrap the app. Since it is not possible to wrap or code the SDK to all apps (due to lack of source code access). As a result, Appdome is the best solution to provide a consistent implementation and guaranteed mobility outcome across all apps. And Appdome offers much more support and functionality than the wrapper or even the full Intune App SDK. Contact me for a copy of the comparison matrix.

Preview Appdome for Intune Comparison Matrix with Intune App SDK and Intune Wrapper

Going Beyond the Norm

Organizations that add Microsoft Intune to mobile apps benefit from the following functionality, unique to Appdome:

  • MicroVPN – Organizations can combine the Intune App SDK with Appdome’s new MicroVPN feature, leveraging existing VPN infrastructures to add VPN to their apps. Read more on adding Intune and MicroVPN to apps in this knowledge base article.
  • Microsoft Authentication – Organizations can add any Microsoft authentication service to Android and iOS apps. Including on-premise (AD, ADFS, Kerberos, NTLM, LDAP), App-based (Authenticator App to ADAL), Intune-based (SCEP), and cloud-based (Azure AD) authentication services.
  • Appdome for SSO – With Microsoft, Appdome is extending support for SSO, delivering for the first time “in-app trust” between the mobile app and authentication service and between all Appdome-fused apps on a device. This allows for true Enterprise SSO, even if mobile apps have their own user name and password, no support for SAML, OIDC or other standards, and no back end integration between mobile apps.
  • Guaranteed Compatibility – Appdome’s Mobility Suite provides extensions to the Intune App SDK that deliver guaranteed compatibility for mobile apps. Including within complex environments, conditional access, dynamic container management and support for VoIP and more.
  • Microsoft Service Suite – Appdome’s BoostEMM allows organizations to use Microsoft’s secure browsing, secure email and more inside apps as if these services were coded in the app.
  • App Shielding and Code Obfuscation: All Intune implementations on Appdome include ONEShield by Appdome, a unique suite of app shielding features including anti-tampering, anti-debugging and anti-reversing protections. Customers can also add TOTALCode Obfuscation to their Fusion set and fully protect the app from malicious actions.

Give Appdome for Microsoft Intune a Try!

Learn how easy it is to add Microsoft Intune to any mobile app, in minutes, without any code or coding. Download the datasheet or create your free Appdome account and start a trial today.

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