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What is Appdome's No-Code Code Obfuscation

Browse the Code obfuscation category and learn how Code Obfuscation is a set of mobile app security techniques designed to obscure source code to make it difficult for attackers to understand the code or how it functions - all without changing how the app works. Appdome TOTALCode Obfuscation is a no-code mobile app obfuscation solution that protects Android/ iOS apps against advanced reverse engineering, including static and dynamic code analysis. Key Appdome Features: Binary Code Obfuscation (protects native code), Non-Native Code Obfuscation (obfuscates non-native code, frameworks, and 3rd party libraries), Control Flow Relocation (Obfuscates app logic, flows, methods), Strip Debug Symbols (removes or obfuscates debug symbols, obfuscates stack trace info)

Top features in No-Code Code Obfuscation