What is your AppSec Release Orchestration project?

AppSec Release Orchestration >


Security Release Management™ >

Learn use mobile app Security Release Management™ features in Appdome’s Data-Driven DevSecOps platform. Make it easy for mobile-dev, DevSecOps and cyber teams to create, version, control, release and audit mobile app security and protection features in Android & iOS apps in the DevOps CI/CD.

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AppSec Release Team >

Learn use the mobile AppSec Release Team™ workspaces in Appdome’s Data-Driven DevSecOps platform for mobile DevOps CI/CD.  Make it easy for mobile-dev, DevSecOps and cyber teams to support segregation of duties (SoD) between mobile-dev and cyber teams, and between QA, UAT and PROD teams. Enjoy agile DevSecOps with full lifecycle visibility, management, control and audit features to ensure consistent, compliant delivery of mobile app protections into Android & iOS apps throughout each stage of the Android & iOS release cycle.

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Certified Secure™ >

Learn how to use Certified Secure™, an in-line, mobile app security, RASP, code obfuscation, mobile anti-fraud, anti-malware and cheat-prevention certification used in the mobile DevOps CI/CD pipeline to clear Android & iOS releases, guarantee DevSecOps compliance and provide visibility, management and control over the protection model(s) released and used in mobile apps.

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Code Signing Protected Android & iOS Apps >

Learn to use Appdome’s Secure Code Signing for Android & iOS apps in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Avoid code signing errors, perform signing validation, and code sign secured mobile apps using Appdome. Sign on or via Appdome, including private signing options (for Appdome sealed apps), and automated app signing in DevOps CI/CD. Includes hardened v2 and v3 signing schemes and tamper proof app signing and sealing for Android & iOS apps.

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Testing Protected Mobile Apps >

Learn how to test Appdome protected Android & iOS apps in a DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Includes step-by-step instructions to test Android & iOS apps protected with RASP, jailbreak, root, Magisk and other protections in a standard DevOps pipeline. Includes guides and troubleshooting tips for testing manually, on local devices, or in automated testing suites and cloud mobile app testing services like BitBar, Saucelabs, Browserstack and other systems commonly used by mobile developers in DevOps.

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Mobile AppSec in CI/CD >

Learn how to connect Appdome’s Data-Driven DevSecOps platform to your existing mobile DevOps CI/CD pipeline using Appdome’s DEV-APIs. Run single tasks, full jobs, for all key actions available on Appdome including building mobile app protections, Certified Secure™, secure code signing, team management, DevSecOps compliance audit and tracking and more. Full support for AppCenter, GitLab, Bitrise, Travis, Jenkins, TeamCity, Circle CI, Bamboo and more.

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Mobile OS Compatibility >

Appdome maintains industry leading Android and iOS version compatibility for all security, RASP, obfuscation, anti-fraud, anti-malware and anti-cheat features. All protections are tested rigorously across older and the newest beta releases of Android & iOS operating systems, including performance, stability and cyber defense and security testing.

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Appdome Basics >

This section of our knowledge base covers the basics of using Appdome, including setting up your account, requesting and starting trials as well as performing administration of your account on Appdome.

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