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What is Appdome's No-Code App Shielding

Browse the App Shielding category and learn how Application Shielding (aka: App Hardening) is a set of mobile app security defenses designed to make the application more resistant to intrusion, reverse engineering, tampering and other unauthorized modifications. Application Shielding is sometimes referred to as App Hardening or Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP). Appdome ONEShield is a no-code app shielding/hardening (RASP) solution that protects Android/ iOS apps against tampering, reversing, malicious debugging, emulators/simulators. Prevent fakes, mods, clones and any unauthorized changes to your app. No code, no coding, No SDK. Key No-code App-Shielding features from Appdome: anti-tampering, anti-reversing, anti-debugging (incl. prevent code manipulations), Checksum Validation, App Integrity/Structure Scanning, Simulator/Emulator Prevention. Appdome ONEShield prevents malicious use of tools like: ADB, Emulators, Simulators, Nox, APK-tool, JD-GUI, Baksmali, IDA, FRIDA and more.

Top features in No-Code App Shielding

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