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What is Appdome's No-Code Data Encryption

Browse the Data Encryption category and learn how data encryption is the process of encoding data to transform it from human-readable format into non-human readable ciphertext, whereby only the holder of a private key can decrypt/read the data. Data Encryption is one of the most important security methods to protect mobile app data in all 3 states: Data-at-rest encryption, Data-in-transit encryption, Data in-use encryption (in-memory) Appdome’s enables developers to instantly encrypt every type of mobile app data wherever it’s used, accessed or stored – independent of data type, format, size, I/O (read/write), retention, or frequency of access. Key Appdome Encryption Features: data-at-rest encryption (iOS/Android sandbox), encrypt user preferences (SharedPreferences, NSUserDefaults), resource files/folders, string encryption (strings.xml, CFStrings), encrypt .dex files (Java byte code, Java classes), memory encryption, encrypt secrets, dynamic key generation/derivation, FIPS 140-2, Secure Enclave, Optimize encryption (improve load time), selectively encrypt data, restore encrypted backups, secure offline encryption

Top features in No-Code Data Encryption

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