How to Certify Secure Android & iOS Apps Without Scanning

Appdome’s Certified Secure™ service was designed to give organizations the written record and guarantee that apps secured by Appdome have the security and threat prevention features needed in each app. With Certified Secure, Appdome’s customers can easily certify secure Android & iOS mobile apps to validate the built apps security implementations and avoid last-minute remediations & reliance on post-build vulnerability scanning and pen-testing. This Knowledge Base article covers how Appdome Certified Secure works, and how to download and view the Certified Secure report for every build.

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How to Certify Secure Android & iOS Apps Without Vulnerability Scanning

Appdome is a no-code mobile security platform that allows users to add security features, like RASP, code obfuscation, data encryption and more, as well as mobile threat, mobile fraud, anti-bot and other SDKs and APIs to Android and iOS apps. With Certified Secure, organizational administrators, security and other teams have the assurance and written record of which security feature has been added to each app, build by build, using the Appdome product. Appdome’s Certified Secure™ eliminates the guesswork in security releases, providing instant verification of security readiness to release teams. Release teams can now certify secure Android & iOS apps without scanning, pen tests or other vulnerability assessments.

Each certificate provides written assurance based on the build details, including the name, version and BuildID of the target application, the Appdome product user that created the build, date as well as a detailed description of the security features implemented to that app.

Appdome customers can access and download the secure certificate and share it with management, security and dev teams.

Prerequisites to Certify Secure Android & iOS Apps

In order to download your app secure certificate, you’ll need to protect your app with Appdome

How to Download Secure Certificate For Any Mobile App on Appdome

Please follow the steps in this knowledge-based article on how to Build apps with your desired features and successfully integrate services to your Android and iOS mobile apps.

Once you protected your app with appdome, you can download Appdome’s Secured certificate in one of the following ways:

  • Download the certificate from the platform notification email

    • After each successful build on the platform, you will receive a notification email to your account mailbox.
      You can download the Appdome certificate by clicking on the download link. Then you will be redirected to Appdome’s platform and the certificate will be downloaded automatically.
  • Download the certificate from the App Workflow summary screen

    • Access the Appdome Workflow Summary screen by clicking the marked button (1) on the Build, Context™ and Sign tabs, or by clicking the “Workflow Summary” (2) button in the Deploy tab.
    • Download the certificate of the current build by clicking on the download icon
    • Or download the previous build certificate by opening the build history and clicking on the download icon next to the chosen build.
  • Download the certificate with the built app

    From the Deploy tab, click on “Download My Built App”. The Certificate PDF will be downloaded into your PC with the built app.


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