How to Encrypt Main Executable Strings & Resources, iOS Apps

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Learn the 3 Easy Steps to Encrypt Strings & Resources stored in the iOS main executable, No code required. Encrypt mobile user data everywhere it exists.

The soft belly of any application is the thing that can be easily understood from the application without using specialized tools. The top two in the list are:

  1. Strings: Human-readable words, phrases, URLs, tokens, passwords etc…
  2. Resources: Images, audio, video, and anything that’s easy to double-click on a PC.

This Knowledge Base article summarizes the steps needed to encrypt all strings and resources of any iOS app.

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How Encrypting Strings and Resources Protects Mobile App Data

Using Appdome’s Strings and Resources Encryption you can easily encrypt all CFStrings in iOS apps. This feature greatly enhances the security of the app against malicious attempts to read the app’s contents or harvest valuable data about mobile users.

Appdome is a no-code mobile app security platform designed to add security features, like strings and resource encryption to Android and iOS apps without coding.  This KB shows mobile developers, DevSec and security professionals how to use Appdome’s simple ‘click to build’ user interface to quickly and easily protect sensitive data in iOS apps. 

3 Easy Steps to Encrypt Strings and Resources in iOS Apps

Follow these 3 easy steps to encrypt the strings and resources in iOS apps

Please follow these steps to add a mobile app to your Appdome account.

  1. Under Build, select Security, Expand TOTALDataTM Encryption
  2. Switch on Encrypt Strings and Resources
  3. Click Build My App.

Congratulations! You now have a secured mobile app that encrypts strings and resources in iOS apps. 

Appdome’s no-code mobile app security platform offers mobile developers, DevSec and security professionals a convenient and reliable way to protect Android and iOS apps with string and resource encryption. When an Appdome user clicks “Build My App,” Appdome leverages a microservice architecture filled with 1000s of security plugins, and an adaptive code generation engine that matches the correct required plugins to the development environment, frameworks, and methods in each app.

Prerequisites for Encrypting Strings and Resources in iOS apps

Here’s what you need to build secured apps with strings and resources encryption. 

No Coding Dependency

Using Appdome, there are no development or coding prerequisites to build secured apps with strings and resources encryption. There is no SDK and no library to manually code or implement in the app. The Appdome technology adds the relevant standards, frameworks, and logic to the app automatically, with no manual development work at all.

How to Sign & Publish Secured Mobile Apps Built on Appdome  

After successfully securing your app using Appdome, there are several available options to complete your project, depending on your app lifecycle or workflow. These include 

Or, see this quick reference Releasing Secured Android & iOS Apps built on Appdome. 

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