Mobile Jailbreak and Root Attacks Explained

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This Knowledge Base article provides a snapshot of Appdome’s Jailbreak and Root prevention capabilities, and explains how to integrate the capabilities in any mobile app – in minutes, no code or coding required.

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Appdome Mobile Security Snapshot: Jailbreak and Root Prevention

You can find Jailbreak prevention (iOS) and Root Prevention (Android) features under the OS Integrity category which is part of the Appdome Mobile Security Suite.

Jailbreak and Root Prevention using Appdome
No-Code Jailbreak Prevention for iOS apps

When you build your app with Root or Jailbreak Prevention using Appdome, your app will automatically detect if it’s running on a rooted or jailbroken device and defend itself by shutting down (the default action). Different actions can be built into the app using custom DEV-events. For example, initiate a helpdesk ticket, alert developer or IT administrator, trigger an MFA challenge, restrict mobile user actions, and more. 

Appdome uses multiple detection mechanisms scattered throughout the app, at different API layers, and the detection occurs over different time horizons, and app lifecycle events (not only when the app first opens).

Appdome also detects jailbreak and root evasion techniques, self-Modifying rooting mechanisms, and advanced root-cloaking and root-hiding mechanisms.

And finally, it’s important to implement Jailbreak and Root Prevention as part of a layered defense. For instance, along with anti-tampering, code obfuscation, and data encryption. So if hackers succeed at breaking one part of your defense, another defense kicks in to thwart them in their tracks.

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