How to Upgrade Your Appdome Account

Last updated April 25, 2023 by Appdome


Upgrading your appdome account is easy. Appdome has 4 pricing packages; App Secure, App Protect, App Defend and Secure SDK Delivery.  Appdome users can also upgrade their support class from Ideal to Appdome-GO, Appdome-DEV Support, Appdome-Tools or Appdome-DEV API.

Appdome is a no-code mobile app security platform designed to add security features to Android and iOS apps. Appdome’s no-code mobile app security platform offers mobile developers, DevSec and security professionals a convenient and reliable way to protect Android and iOS apps without coding. When a user clicks “Build My App,” Appdome leverages a microservice architecture filled with 1000s of security plugins, and an adaptive code generation engine that matches the correct required plugins to the development environment, frameworks, and methods in each app.

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How to Upgrade Your Appdome Account

Contact your account team or Click the “Upgrade” link or button wherever it appears on the platform.

upgrading your appdome account

You can learn more about each account class on our website.

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