How to Add Team Members with Entitlements and Roles from CSV in DevSecOps Build System

Last updated April 23, 2023 by Appdome

This Knowledge Base article provides an overview of how to add new members to a team from a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. With this method, you can quickly create teams or invite new members with the right roles and entitlements, instead of assigning them manually.

About Adding Team Members From CSV

Appdome is a mobile integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows users to add a wide variety of features, SDKs, and APIs to Android and iOS apps. Using a simple ‘click to add’ user interface, Appdome allows anyone to easily integrate features to any mobile app – instantly, no code or coding required.

Using Appdome, there are no development or coding prerequisites. For example, there is no Appdome SDK, libraries, or plug-ins to implement. The Appdome technology adds features and relevant standards, frameworks and more to the app automatically, with no manual development work at all.

As an organization, you may have multiple people working on a project as a team. These users often need roles and entitlement structures to ensure that the team members capabilities and responsibilities are clearly defined and work is done efficiently. Appdome allows organizations to create Teams within the Appdome workflow and establish Team-member Entitlements to limit each teammate to a specific task within the Appdome workflow.

Entitlements are specific “right to use” rules established within Teams to assign tasks to individual users. Entitlements on Appdome can be assigned to one or more teammates for each step in the workflow. Adding new members from a CSV lets you easily and automatically assign the appropriate roles and entitlements to all users, instead of assigning them manually. To learn more about entitlements click here.

Prerequisites for using Appdome for Adding Team Members From CSV

In order to use this Appdome for Teams feature, you’ll need Appdome account – IDEAL GO or Higher.

How to Add Team Members From a CSV File

Follow these step-by-step instructions to collaborate using Appdome for Teams:

Create a CSV

In order to add users to a team from a CSV file, you first need to create a CSV file in the correct format. The CSV file will contain the following types of values for each user:

  1. Email: The email address of the new team member.
  2. Role: The role the new team member is supposed to receive. Appdome for Teams offers two different roles. A “Member” is part of the team but cannot edit or change the team itself. A “Leader” can edit the team name and description, add or remove members and enable or disable entitlements (see below) of other team members.
  3. Entitlements: Appdome for Teams currently offers the following entitlements:
    • BUILD_SECURITY: Using the Security Tab
    • BUILD_ACCESS: Using Access Tab
    • BUILD_AUTHENTICATION: Using Authentication Tab
    • BUILD_IDENTITY: Using Identity Tab
    • BUILD_MANAGEMENT: Using Management Tab
    • BUILD_MOBILE_THREATS: Using Mobile Threat Tab
    • BUILD_ANALYTICS: Using Analytics Tab
    • BUILD_COLLABORATION: Using Collaboration Tab
    • UPLOAD: Uploading an app
    • DELETE: Deleting an app
    • EDIT_FUSION_SETS: Editing a Fusion Set
    • CONTEXT: Adding Context to an app
    • SIGN: Signing an app
    • APPROVE: Approving an App
    • DEPLOY: Deploying an app
    • COPY_FUSION_SETS_INTO: Copying Fusion Sets from one team to another
    • COPY_FUSED_BUILDS_INTO: Copying builds from one team to another

In the CSV, each row corresponds to a new member and each member should have all the types of values explained above. The data in each row in the CSV should be structured as follows:

CSV add members

For your CSV to be in the right format, make sure the following conditions are met:

  1. Email, role, and entitlements are in separated columns
  2. Leader and Member are written in like this, with the first letter upper-cased
  3. Entitlements are written like in the list above, all uppercase and underscore separating the words
  4. Entitlements are separated by a pipe (“|”)

Download here a CSV example file.

Create a Team with Roles and Entitlements from CSV

You can create a team at any time, using these instructions:

  1. Press the workspace selection drop-down menu at the top left of your screen and select “Create Team
    Create team dialog box
  2. Enter the name of your team
  3. Enter team description
  4. Click “Upload a CSV file” and browse for a file. Change as in other files.
  5. Enforce your organization domain verification on the team (optional)
  6. Press the Create New Team button.
    Create new team dialog box

Invite New Team Members with Roles and Entitlements from CSV

You can invite new team members at any time, using these instructions:

  1. Click on your Personal Area drop-down in the upper right side
    Personal area dialog box
  2. Open the drop-down menu and click “Team Management
  3. Click the “+” next to the current team members

select current team members

  1. Invite team members to collaborate on your team by clicking “Upload a CSV file”
  2. Click Invite.

  Invite users dialog box

Note! If you enforce your domain on the team, only invitees from the same domain can be added to a locked team. For more information review how to enforce your organization domain verification on the team.

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