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What is Appdome's MitM Attack Prevention

Browse the KB articles below and learn how Appdome’s MitM Prevention protects mobile data-in-transit against network-based attacks. Hackers target weak links in the networking and encryption layer and often combine deception, misdirection, and social engineering to conduct mobile phishing, credential stuffing, account takeovers, sneaker-bot attacks and more. Appdome inspects and validates SSL/TLS Sessions and certificates to ensure that all certificates and CAs are valid and authentic, and all sessions are protected by industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption. This prevents hackers from gaining control over SSL/TLS sessions, safeguards mobile data in transit, and validates the authenticity of the digital chain of trust. Key Appdome No-code MitM Prevention features: Certificate Pinning (client and server-side pinning), SSL/TLS Certificate Validation, Malicious Proxy Prevention, URL Whitelisting, Stale Session Prevention, TLS version and Cipher Suite Enforcement, Certificate Role Enforcement, Strong Certificate Signature Encryption, Strong RSA Signature, strong AES Signature, Strong ECC Signature, Strong SHA-256 Digest, Mobile Client Pinning, Trusted Default CAs

Top features in MitM Attack Prevention

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