How to Block App Players like NOX and MEmu from Running Mobile Games and APKs

Last updated January 9, 2022 by Jan Sysmans

This knowledge base article reviews 3 easy steps to prevent android apps and mobile games (APK) from running on app players like NOX and MEmu. Stop cheats from running your Android Mobile Games on NoxPlayer and MEmu App Player Emulator. No Code, Zero Dev, No SDK.

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What Are App Players?

Gamers can use app players like Nox and MEmu to play Android mobile games on their windows PC or Apple Mac. App Players are emulators specifically designed to make mobile games easier to play on a computer. Just like all other emulators, they are virtualized tools that are used to run mobile apps in easier to use, software-defined environments. They allow someone to simulate, model, and mimic mobile application software & hardware behavior, including how apps interact with the mobile operating system and other systems.

Why Should Developers Prevent Android Games and Mobile Apps from Running on App Players?

App Players are used to cheat and give a gamer an unfair advantage over another gamer using a mobile device. App Players create an operating environment that looks and functions much like the mobile device model, with many of the capabilities of a real Android device. But the gamer can use a full size keyboard and mouse (joy stick) to give themselves an unfair advantage over another user who is using the Android phone.

Other reasons the developer may want to prevent the use of App Players with the APK is to protect copyright of the art used in the mobile app. By preventing a mobile app from running on an App Player like NOX or MEmu, the developer is preventing users from taking screenshots of the art and images inside the mobile app.

3 Easy Steps to Block App Players Like NOX and MEmu from Running APKs

Please follow these 3 easy steps to block app players from running APKs on NOXPlayer and MEmu App Player.

  1. Upload an Android App to Appdome’s no code security platform (.apk)
  2. In the Build Tab, under Anti-Fraud and Mobile Malware Prevention, Select Block App Players> (shown below)
  3. Click Build My App

Block App Players is included automatically every time you build an app using Appdome, as part of Appdome’s Mobile Malware Prevention.

Block App Players Like Nox And Memu Using Appdome

Congratulations! When your build is complete, you will see the notice below.

Build My App Success (Mattermost)

Prerequisites for Blocking App Players

Here’s what you need to build secured apps that block an apk from running on an app player.

No Coding Dependency

Using Appdome, there are no development or coding prerequisites to build secured apps that block app players. There is no SDK and no library to manually code or implement in the app. The Appdome technology adds the relevant standards, frameworks, stores, and logic to the app automatically, with no manual development work at all.

How to Sign & Publish Secured Mobile Apps Built on Appdome  

After successfully securing your app using Appdome, there are several available options to complete your project, depending on your app lifecycle or workflow. These include 

Or, see this quick reference Releasing Secured Android & iOS Apps built on Appdome. 

What’s the Difference Between Emulators and App Players?

Emulators and App Players are often described as interchangeable, but there is one notable differences between them.

App Players are emulators specifically designed to allow gamers to play Android mobile games (apk) on a windows PC or Apple Mac.

To learn how to prevent hackers from using emulators to attack apps, you can read the KB article on No-Code Simulator Prevention.

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