Testing Secured Android & iOS Apps Using Robotest, Mobile DevSecOps Best Practices

Last updated December 27, 2022 by Appdome

Learn how Android developers can test Appdome-secured app using Firebase Robotest Crawler.

How to Test Appdome-secured Apps Using Robotest Crawler

  1. Build your app with Appdome security. In order to use Robotest Crawler, you need to enable Threat Events for Anti-Tampering, as shown below:
    anti-tampering appdome oneshield
  2. On your local machine, install Android SDK from https://developer.android.com/studio
  3. On your local machine, install App Crawler from: https://developer.android.com/training/testing/crawler
  4. Make sure you have Java installed on your local machine.
  5. Make sure you have the test app .apk file on your local machine.
  6. Connect a test phone to your local machine via a USB cable.
  7. To launch the crawler on your test app on your local machine, open a terminal/CMD window and type the following command:
    java -jar <app_crawler_directorty>/crawl_launcher.jar –-apk-file <test_app_apk> –android-sdk <Android_SDK_directory>
  8. After Robotest Crawler finishes, the test results will be stored in the output directory you specified.


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